Dear Friends,

Neal has been drafted into the NBA!  Yes, at the age of 54, with a stunning vertical jump of almost 1.25 inches, and a 3 point shot that no one can figure out how to shut down, he is headed for the pros! Then he will hit the ATP tennis pro tour, with a serve at least as fast as his age!

OK, that’s not quite true.  Well, it’s not true at all.  Except for the part about his age.

Neal used to say that the only thing that would stop him from performing as part of Neal & Leandra would be if he had the opportunity to play basketball or tennis full time.  Turns out, that wasn’t true either.  So what’s going on?

You haven’t seen us for over a year.  No shows, no radio performances, no postcards in the mail.  We’ve been on a performance sabbatical.  Sabbaticals are times to rest and reflect.  We rested and reflected.  We did it some more.  Then, we realized we want the sabbatical to continue.

After twenty-five years of earning our livings as singer/songwriters, performing hundreds of concerts for millions of fans (just wanted to make sure you were paying attention), releasing fourteen CDs, receiving two McKnight Fellowships, appearing twice at Carnegie Hall, headlining eight sold out shows at the Guthrie Theater, playing more community concerts and coffeehouse gigs than you can shake a stick at while driving almost five hundred thousand miles in three different minivans to give those shows in forty-five states…  well, we’ve “been everywhere, man!”

Now it has come back to the two of us, Neal & Leandra.  As a duo, we have always been committed to sharing truth, harmony, courage, and hope through our music.

Truth – We are ending this chapter of our career as Neal & Leandra. We will continue singing and writing, but there will be no more Neal & Leandra concerts.

Harmony – This decision comes from our hearts, which are brimming with both tremendous excitement and sadness.  This decision also brings great harmony to our lives.

Courage – Your embrace of our music, and us, changed our lives and made us more courageous.  We are strengthened by your support as we move into new adventures.

Hope – Neal is passionate about his work as the Director of Tennis & Life Camps at Gustavus and his solo career as a songwriter and facilitator of workshops.  Leandra is thrilled with the creation of Daily Plan-It Accountability Coaching, where she coaches clients to create their own life’s work.

We have learned to never say “never”, but for now, this chapter is closing.  We are looking forward to a future full of new challenges, family time, and sharing music in ways we can’t describe yet.

So we are sure to see you somewhere down the road!  Our recordings will still be available (the store is always open!)  We are deeply grateful for your years of support.

Because, it might still go without saying, but we still say it anyway…


Neal and Leandra