Not a word or a moment of time with Leandra is wasted. She listens attentively, takes careful notes, and brings a wealth of understanding to each discussion. I have let her shape my workdays, and that willingness
to trust her good judgment has directly translated into a significant change in my performance while also reducing my stress levels. Her accountability coaching has enabled me to do the right things in right
proportions and at the right time. I wholeheartedly recommend Leandra to anyone looking to make each day count!

My wife says her life is better since I started working with Leandra. I’m sure that’s true, because my life is better too!

I am a poet, professor, mother, wife, non-profit volunteer, a holder of many roles, a pursuer of many passions. Doing it all the way I did it simply wasn’t working. Leandra Peak gathered me up with her ample talents and together we began to reshape my life. Sound corny? Maybe. Months later, I continue to apply what I learned from Leandra and my creative life is renewed, my work life manageable, my volunteer life gratifying and my personal life balanced. Beat that.

Leandra is so calm, such a great listener, and wields tremendous insight. She is able to get to the heart of what my sticky issues are, then help me see them and plot a path through them.

Before I started working with Leandra, I was struggling to find a rhythm in my daily life. By helping me build structure in my days, Leandra eased a lot of the frustration I felt with myself. She inspired me to work more effectively without making me feel guilty about what I hadn’t accomplished, and sometimes she helped me realize that I was already accomplishing more than I thought I was. I would highly recommend Leandra’s coaching to anyone who is looking for a helpmate on their path toward accomplishing their goals.

Leandra is very good at synthesizing information in a very short amount of time (the 15 minutes goes very fast!) She analyzes things quickly and is able to “read between the lines” and give helpful feedback quickly.

I have tried every single organizing/accountability method under the sun. I’ve been sent to them by businesses, cajoled into trying them by colleagues, and with each failed attempt browbeaten myself into a sense of inadequacy. Leandra Peak is the first person whose methods, suggestions, and insights actually stuck and transformed the way I work with myself, with my business, and with my family. She is a gold mine and shares it in a way that is practical, creative and doable.

Most of all, I needed help moving forward into the fourth quarter of my life. As I sought to breathe new life into my efforts as a novelist, Leandra provided me with support and practical knowledge important to dealing with problems common to those engaged in the creative process. During her Daily Accountability Coaching sessions, we shared progress, breakthroughs and frustrations. She encouraged me to savor even the smallest accomplishments in all areas of my life.

As someone who wears many “hats”, it’s really incredible what Leandra has been able to do with me. She has helped me build a metaphorical “hat rack,” and has helped me make meaningful progress every day.

I’ve gotten so much accomplished that had been hanging over my head for months. This has been even more useful to me than I had imagined.

There was a sense that I had someone checking my work, a second set of eyes that could see if I was missing something. That was a relief. It’s hard, even with lists, to keep track of it all.”

Leandra is brilliant at isolating and framing key issues that bump me out of my ruts. Part of her genius is that, even when we spend an hour talking about my resistence or difficulty making progress in my work, I still somehow always feel great at the end. I feel like she believes in my ability to create, which makes me believe in it too.

Leandra helped me more clearly define my goals and at the same time helped me to break down the mental barriers that stood in the way of achieving them. She has both motivated me and inspired me. She is like a personal trainer for the soul.

Leandra helped me tremendously at a time when I was struggling to incorporate creative writing into my busy life and to find my creative voice. She helped me break through a longstanding writer’s block. The guidance she gave me made a huge difference in my creative life. I highly recommend her coaching services.