About me

I was born June 22, 1959 in Omaha, NE.  Two weeks later, the family moved to Montevideo, MN.  I slept for 36 hours straight upon arrival.  My mother woke me every dozen hours or so to amuse herself.  I have carried this gift of napping anywhere, anytime, for my entire life.  I once fell asleep standing up in Jerry’s Hardware store, waiting for my lawnmower.

Besides my passion for naps, my other interests are listed below.

After 25 years of a full time singer/songwriter career (as half of Neal & Leandra), and with summers spent as assistant director of Tennis and Life Camps, I became director year round.  Its mission of treating others the way we want to be treated, of learning new skills and passing them on, of laughing loud and long, of serving others, and of using tennis as a metaphor for how life can be lived, is one that has transformed lives, my own included.  Which is why I’m here.

I love Gustavus and am proud that TLC is now a part of Gustavus’ mission.  Gustavus is where I graduated (’81), where I met my spouse, where I feel like I’m coming home each time I am on campus, and where the mission of serving others matches the mission of Tennis and Life Camps.  I am fortunate.

When I am not working at Tennis & Life Camps or performing concerts or facilitating workshops, I am home with my wife, Leandra, and daughter, Madeline, watching Downton Abbey and falling asleep on the couch.